ROSE & MEL by Jerry Leibowitz

In a city overrun by poseurs, Leibowitz created this cartoon strip

which lampooned a generation of the tragically hip.

The strip first appeared in the weekly, L.A. Funnies.

Rose and Mel - Table of Contents
Rose and Mel #1 - Ahhh...the price of beauty.
Rose and Mel #2 - Designer sushi? How passe'.
Rose and Mel #3 - Houseplants and chrome. Can't we all just get along?
Rose and Mel #4 - No place for a "trendsitter."
Rose and Mel #5 - Getting away to it all.
Rose and Mel #6 - Nutrition for the nineties. Organic or or-can-ic?
Rose and Mel #7 - Toeing the line for a night on the town.
Rose and Mel #8 - So, that's where the term "lofty prices" comes from.
Rose and Mel #9 - Who says your PC isn't a personal fashion statement?
Rose and Mel #10 - Wrong place at the right time?
Rose and Mel #11 - Just a step behind keeping up with fashion.
Rose and Mel #12 - Only her rolfer knows for sure.

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