What images will be uncovered among the ruins of our condominium walls thousands of
years from now? Will the remains of our climate-controlled, poly-unsaturated caves offer
references to nuclear holocaust, genocide, geriatric lawn bowling, pyramid schemes or
VHS versus Beta debates? As those who created ancient pictographs, artists throughout
history have created timeless conduits of social and political commentary.

The artworks presented here, from "The Aztech Series," is a contribution to this
perpetual medium of communication. Strong influences of American Indian, Egyptian
and Pre-Columbian art, as well as the efforts of specific contemporaries have encouraged
this style of modern iconography; visions of technoprimitive pop.

This work represents an equally respectful embrace of the primitive and contemporary, the
latter paying homage to the former, a modern celebration of the roots of inspiration.

Images represent works on paper, paintings, serigraphs, digital prints and commissions.

Select icons in the Gallery to view images. All works are copyright 1999 Jerry Leibowitz.

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